Xenophon Docs
sXPH is used for governance purposes. Users can use sXPH to participate in voting, to govern the community and to jointly decide on every major decision of Xenophon.
Short-term (Approximately 3 months after the launch of the Mainnet)
Feedback Portal:
Reach out to the community for new ideas that need to be optimized and get input
Governance Pattern:
Due to the newness of the Protocol and the importance of early and rapid iterations, Xenophon team members will make most of the decisions until we have an on-chain governance portal available for all sXPH holders to participate. That said, we will consider feedback from the community before making any decisions, and we will share our rationale for those decisions in the forum. Community members are especially encouraged to actively participate in the project's eco-governance efforts in the meantime.
Development Approach:
Currently, we do not have technical documentation for external developers to reference and implement the proposed ideas. Therefore, during this phase and the next, the Xenophon team will be the primary developers of the Xenophon Protocol smart contract and deploy the code to the Mainnet.
Mid-term (Approximately 6 months after the launch of the Mainnet)
  • Comprehensive technical documentation that allows builders to modify our system and build something interesting on top of the protocol itself.
  • A smoothly running developer funding, bug bounty and referral program based on smart contracts.
  • An on-chain governance portal for stakers to vote on proposals and create new proposals using their staking sXPH.
  • Allow stakeholders to delegate their voting rights to others.
  • In contrast to executable code, proposals voted by stakeholders at this stage will be at a higher level. The main implementation and deployment of smart contracts will still be done by the Xenophon team.
Mid-term (Approximately 9 months after the launch of the Mainnet)
  • Incentives: compensation guidelines for tech-savvy community members to turn high-level ideas from the forums into executable code
  • Incentive program to encourage people to:
deploying smart contracts after the proposal is approved
run admin bots to provide a better user experience for traders
run the mirror governance portal themselves
At this stage, proposals voted on by stakers will be just executable code, and the actual implementation and deployment of smart contracts can be done by anyone--even developers who do not hold any sXPH tokens.
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