Xenophon Docs
How to Stake
Two ways to obtain XPH:
a. You can choose to buy XPH from the BUSD-XPH pool on PancakeSwap, and then stake XPH to Xenophon to get more XPH.
b. You can also purchase Bond directly on the Xenophon platform at a discounted price to get XPH, and stake XPH again to get more XPH. Later, we will add other trading pools and support other currencies to buy Bond. When you stake, you will lock XPH and get the same amount of sXPH, and your sXPH balance will automatically increase at the end of each period. sXPH is transferable, so it can be combined with other DeFi protocols.
1、Go to the Stake page of the XenophonDAO website, select the "Stake" tab
2、Click "Approve" and sign the transaction
3、After successfully processing the "Approve", click "Stake" and sign the transaction
4、 Enter the amount of XPH you want to pledge in the input box. If you want to stake all your XPH, please press the "Max" button
The annualized rate of return based on the reward rate
The amount of all staked XPH in Xenophon
Current Index
The index starts at 1 of the 0 epoch and increases at each epoch
Your Balance
How many unstaked XPH in your wallet
Your Staked Balance
How many staked XPH in your wallet
Next Reward Amount
How much will your sXPH balance increase at the beginning of the next epoch
Next Reward Yield
Your sXPH yield at the beginning of the next epoch
ROI (5-Day Rate)
Estimate how much your sXPH balance will increase in 5 days
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