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How to Cancel Stake
When you cancel the stake, the system will burn sXPH and let you get the same amount of XPH. Unstake means that users will lose their upcoming rebase rewards. Please note that the forfeited rewards only apply to the not bet amount; the remaining staked XPH (if any) will continue to receive the rebase rewards. But this may also mean that the next time you come in, the cost will increase and the profit will decrease.
  1. 1.
    Go to the Stake page of the XenophonDAO website and select the "Unstake" tab;
2、Enter the amount of sXPH you want to cancel the stake in the input field. If you want to cancel all sXPH, please press the "Max" button and fill in all your available sXPH balances;
3、Click "Approve" and sign the transaction;
4、After successfully processing the "Approve" transaction, click "Cancel Stake" and sign the transaction.
Note: The "Approve" transaction is only needed when staking/unstaking for the first time; subsequent staking/unstaking only requires you to perform the "Stake" or "Unstake" transaction.
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