Xenophon Docs
How to Redeem
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    Go to the Bond page on the Xenophon website and there are two tabs: "Bond" and "Redeem". Make sure "Redeem" is selected;
2.Click on “Claim” to receive your revenue, or you can choose "Claim and Autostake" to receive your revenue and automatically stake them for more XPH;
3.Click on "Approve" and sign the transaction;
4.After successfully processing the "Approve" transaction, refresh the page and your wallet will have received the corresponding amount of XPH.
Pending Rewards
The amount of XPH you are entitled to receive from the binding
Claimable Rewards
The amount of XPH you can receive. This amount will increase as the XPH is vested in you for the duration of the bundle
Time until fully vested
Refers to the block when the bond is fully redeemable
Discount Rate
Debt Ratio
The debt ratio measures the total amount of XPH generated by bonds that have not yet been paid by the Protocol
Vesting Term
Vesting period measures how long it takes to fully redeem the bond (approximately 5 days)
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