Xenophon Docs
The treasury is the most important asset pool in the Xenophon Protocol and is used to support every XPH in circulation in the market. When the price of XPH falls below 1 BUSD, the treasury will be recycled and destroyed, mainly by selling bonds to accumulate them, and later we may add other methods that will consist of stable and non-stable coins.
Treasury funds calculation formula:
XPHbacking=treasuryBalancestablecoin+treasuryBalanceotherAssetsXPHbacking= treasuryBalancestablecoin+treasuryBalanceotherAssets
Calculation of stabilized assets:
treasuryBalancestablecoin=RFVreserveBond+RFVlpBondtreasuryBalancestablecoin= RFVreserveBond+RFVlpBond
The Treasury smart contract will be protected by 3 / 5 multiple signatures. This means that any transaction for the Treasury must be approved by at least 3 signatories, of which we have a total of 5. Thus, the operational security of our treasury assets is protected from rogue behavior by a single actor, as a quorum of 3 is required to authorize any transaction, such as moving funds in and out.
XPH Supply
The XPH function is not live and is determined based on market supply and demand and consists of the following:
  • Supply to XPH Stakers
  • Purchases of securities will mint XPH and will be allocated 1:1 to both bond purchasers and XenophonDAO.
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