Xenophon Docs
Economic Model
XPH pre-funding mainly through IDO, no upper limit, completely decided by the market supply and demand, this is a global market-led economic model, so we also maintain the original idea, and will not interfere with any market behavior. In order to carry out the market operation, Xenophon will issue a certain amount of OXPH for the initial market development needs, OXPH will be converted into XPH according to a certain ratio, XPH is mainly from the DAO share, and the OXPH contract will also be published in the technical documentation.
Users can participate in IDO to obtain alphaXPH, which will be used to redeem XPH when the project goes live.
IDO Funding: A portion of minted coins, and the entire remainder is used to create liquidity.
DAO Funding Pool Allocation Scheme:
  • Team: Mainly used for the technical development of the team
  • DAO Governance: Market advocacy and development
  • Advisors: Rewarded to the Advisors who help the product achieve results
  • Investment Institutions: Pre-investment institutions
Regarding the uses of the above, all will be agreed through the community DAO mechanism before being allowed to transfer out.
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