Xenophon Docs
A DAO contract is an address secured by a simple gnosis implementation. A DAO address holds all DAO funds that accumulate over time. For example, the DAO receives XPH from each bond sold by the Protocol. The DAO address also holds funds from strategic investments. Xenophon will be governed by the DAO approach.
The DAO contract is protected by 3/5 multiple signatures. This means that any transaction that changes the DAO must be approved by at least 3 signatories, of which we have a total of 5. Thus, the operational security of the XenophonDAO is protected from rogue behavior of a single actor, as at least 3 quorums are required to authorize any transaction, such as participation in a DAO exchange. The 5 signature addresses of the DAO are listed below:
Please note that all signers can be verified on BSCscan and GnosisSafe.
  • Address 1: 0x5F0458760934D04BAC6bd32E7c615fa19b529e89
  • Address 2: 0x148D1C9b801F2b18b6096B25d28A72457C58d62c
  • Address 3:0x74fA1Ac6823aA062CC8Bc420639e7B468385aB36
  • Address 4:0xB9f119B2a9b8FD1967b63b9E20c8654B9D4B3a0e
  • Address 5:0xe98d4ebe8530eb67726e42b4300CB2c86BD1AFbe
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